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Political Education for the Youth in Nepal

Yogendra Shahi at the Theoretical School in Butwal, 10th July 2015.
Yogendra Shahi at the Theoretical School in Butwal, 10th July 2015. (Photo CNS)

CENTRE FOR NEPAL STUDIES | The Centre for Nepal Studies (CNS) seeks to provide an open space for Nepali youth to come together, discuss, and learn more about current political issues. While our partner’s research and workshops lies on theoretical and practical questions of the contemporary political left, the centre also aims at establishing a network of intellectuals, political actors and youth activists in Nepal.

With our support, CNS organised workshops, conferences and lecture series, and publishes articles, research papers and books. The topics ranged from labour migration and youth unemployment over ecology and capitalism to changing security dynamics in Nepal and South Asia. The activities conducted by CNS aimed to directly influence broader social debates and political developments. On the one hand, our partner specifically addressed the youth of the young democracy, that still faces many political, economic and ecologic challenges. On the other hand, CNS was in close contact with various left political parties and their members, who draw from the expertise provided by our partner. With this comprehensive approach of research, youth empowerment and political expertise, CNS carried forward the legacy of the socialist movement in Nepal. The project was completed in 2018.

Our Partner

The Centre for Nepal Studies, called Nepal Adhayayan Kendra in Nepali, is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. The centre was founded in 1991 for the purpose of study on social sciences in general and Nepali society in particular.

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