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Engaging with the Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg

Tombstone of Rosa Luxemburg in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde (Photo: Stefan Mentschel)

CENTRE FOR WOMEN DEVELOPMENT STUDIES | The Centre for Women's Development Studies and the Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung work together to uphold the Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg by disseminating and critically engaging her ideas on women's struggles for equality and socialism within contemporary Indian society.

A panel discussion on the Life and Ideas of Rosa-Luxemburg titled “Remembering Rosa-Luxemburg (1871-1919)” brought together youth, scholars, collectives of women and minority groups to discuss Rosa Luxemburg’s thought and to commemorate the 100th anniversary of her murder. The discussion was accompanied by a film screening of Margarethe von Trotta's biopic “Rosa-Luxemburg.” The aim of the event was to attract participants from differing social backgrounds and drew over 200 participants.

Due to this extremely positive response, the Centre for Women's Development Studies and RLS decided to hold another 3 days-long symposium in which the work of Rosa Luxemburg can be explored more in-depths by specialized academics and activists.

In addition to these academically-oriented pursuits, the partnership with the Centre for Women's Development Studies also created in two 2-day “Grassroots-Cartoon – Workshops” with a socially-diverse groups of students, women and sexual minorities. The workshops resulted in a comic-booklet on the works and biography of Rosa Luxemburg making her thought on women's liberation available for wider audiences in India and beyond. The project has been successfully completed in 2019.

Our Partner

The Centre for Women’s Development Studies (CWDS) was established in 1980 in the context of the first comprehensive government report on the status of women in India. CWDS conducts research and training programs for scholars, administrators and women. Additionally, it provides advisory to decision makers in order to develop, promote and disseminate knowledge about women’s roles in society and possibilities to strengthen their position and amplify their voices.

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