Political Education in Nepal

Foundation for Critical Discourse
Members of FCD after a meeting with a delegation from DIE LINKE in November 2019 (Photo: RLS)

FOUNDATION FOR CRITICAL DISCOURSE | After a slow and turbulent political transition from monarchy to democratically constituted republic, the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist Leninist) und the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) announced to form an alliance for the general elections at the end of 2017. This alliance won two thirds of the seats in parliament. And a few months later, both parties - that were bitter political rivals for decades - declared their unification into a new party: Nepal Communist Party (NCP).

Our partner Foundation for Critical Discourse (FCD) is based in Kathmandu. It is working to enable open dialogues among left intellectuals, academics, students and activists on contemporary issues of critical concern in the current sociopolitical environment of Nepal, bringing together political theory and praxis.

In 2019, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung started working with FCD that was founded earlier by former members of our old partner Centre for Nepal Studies.  The project was successfully completed with a lot of media attention. In 2020, we are continuing the work to critically inform and educate political intellectuals, academics and the youth to enhance their understanding and analysing of issues in Nepal. Residential workshops, public discourses, international conferences and the publication of papers and books are planned.

Our Partner

The Foundation for Critical Discourse Nepal was established in 2019 as an institution dedicated to work for the academic-political education and enlightenment of the left students, leaders, cadres, activists and authors, through discourses on a multitude of subject matters related to emancipatory theory and praxis of past, present and future.


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