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Social-Ecological Transformation | 

Trade Liberalisation and WTO

2015 is a significant year in the history of the International Free trade regime, as its key multilateral instrument, the World Trade Organization (WTO), completes 20 years. Two decades of the WTO have raised many questions, most significantly, is the WTO relevant to small and marginal farmers in the Global South? This question remains relevant as developing countries continue to fight for protection and gains for their small and marginal farmers. Special and Deferential Treatment (S&DT) for small farmers under the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA), has so far been firmly denied by developed countries led by the United States (USA). Developing countries have been asked by developed countries to discontinue subsidies for their small farmers despite the fact that they themselves provide huge subsides to their own farmers. The disparity between support provided in the agricultural sector by USA and India is
stark. While the USA provides over $57,901 US dollars per farmer (in 2012), India offers only around $99 US dollars for every person active in agriculture.

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