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India, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata, Social Justice | 

First History Lessons: The Flow of Rivers

First History Lessons: The World of Tea

The book was originally written in Bengali by Debarati Bagchi and translated into English by Arunava Sinha and into Assamese by Arup Kalita. Anwesha Sengupta and Debarati Bagchi served as editors of the book, which features illustrations by Ranjit Chitrakar and Sirajudaulla Chitrakar. Wasim Helal was responsible for the book's planning, map, and cover.

First History Lessons: The Flow of Rivers

Publisher Institute of Development Studies Kolkata
Author Debarati Bagchi, tr. Arunava Sinha and Arup Kalita
Year 2023
Volume/Size 62 pages
Language Bangla, English, Assamese

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