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First History Lessons: The Partition

Value Chain Analysis of the Sugar Industry

The first book of the series talks about the Partition of India and how its impact was different along the lines of region, caste and gender. The book also argues that there is no one-line answer to the question — why did the Partition happen?

The book's authors are Debarati Bagchi, Anwesha Sengupta, and Tista Das. Wasim Helal designed the cover, map and books, and the illustration was done by Ranjit Chitrakar and Sirajuddaula Chitrakar, two patachitra artists. The books were written in Bangla and translated into English by Arunava Sinha and Assamese by Arup Kalita.

First History Lessons: The Partition

Publisher Institute of Development Studies Kolkata
Author Anwesha Sengupta, tr. Arunava Sinha and Arup Kalita
Year 2020
Volume/Size 57 pages
Language Bangla, English, Assamese

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